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When you're faced with criminal charges, the stakes are high and the pressure is immense. That's why having a team of skilled Cherokee County criminal defense lawyers on your side is essential.

At Rollings Wood & Pace, we understand the gravity of your situation and the impact it could have on your life. That's why we devote ourselves to providing relentless defense for each and every one of our clients. We won't rest until we've thoroughly questioned every piece of evidence and fought to protect your rights.

Our firm has helped thousands of clients achieve favorable case results, and we are equipped to help with a wide range of criminal defense matters, including:

  • Drug offenses
  • Expungements
  • Federal offenses
  • Non-disclosures
  • Probation revocations
  • Sex offenses
  • Theft crimes
  • Violent crimes

Let us be the advocates you need to build a strong, effective case for your freedom. Your future depends on it.

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Why Is a Defense Attorney Important?

When facing criminal charges, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney. The role of a defense attorney is critical in ensuring that individuals or organizations facing criminal charges receive fair representation and legal counsel. With an unwavering dedication to defending their client's rights, these legal professionals work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for their cases.

From navigating complex legal proceedings to negotiating plea deals, defense attorneys use their expertise to minimize potential consequences and provide steadfast support for their clients. Retaining an experience, reliable criminal defense attorney is important as they can help with a lot of aspects of your case, such as:

  • A criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable advice and guidance throughout the legal process. They can help you understand your rights, navigate the court system, and work to protect your freedom.
  • A criminal defense attorney can also help you build a strong defense strategy. They will review all of the evidence in your case and work to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They may be able to negotiate a plea deal or even have your charges dropped altogether.
  • A criminal defense attorney can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. They will make sure that any evidence used against you was obtained legally and that you are not being treated unfairly by law enforcement or prosecutors. They will also work to ensure that any plea deals offered are fair and in your best interests.
  • A criminal defense attorney can give you peace of mind during what can be a very stressful time. Your attorney will be there to answer questions, provide support, and fight for your rights every step of the way.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges, it is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Before retaining a criminal defense attorney, there are several questions you should ask to ensure you have the best representation possible. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been practicing criminal law? It is important to know how much experience your lawyer has in the field of criminal law.
  2. What areas of criminal law do you specialize in? Knowing what areas of criminal law your lawyer specializes in can help determine if they will be able to provide the best representation for your case.
  3. Do you have any professional credentials or awards? Professional credentials and awards can demonstrate a lawyer's expertise and dedication to their practice.
  4. Who else will be handling my case? It is important to know who else will be involved in your case so that you can get an understanding of their experience and qualifications as well.
  5. How often do you make court appearances? Knowing how often your lawyer makes court appearances can give you an idea of how familiar they are with the court system and how comfortable they may be arguing cases before a judge or jury.
  6. What is your legal fee? Knowing what kind of legal fees your lawyer charges can help determine if they are within your budget and if they offer payment plans or other options that may fit better with your financial situation.
  7. How do you build a case for a client? Understanding how your lawyer builds a case for their clients can give you insight into their approach and strategy when representing them in court proceedings.
  8. What strategies do you use when defending clients? Knowing what strategies your lawyer uses when defending clients can help determine if they have the skills necessary to successfully represent them in court proceedings and achieve favorable outcomes for their cases.

These are just some of the questions that should be asked before retaining a criminal defense attorney, but there may be more depending on the specific circumstances surrounding each individual’s case. Asking these questions can help ensure that one has chosen an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney who will provide them with the best possible representation throughout their legal proceedings.

Why Hire Our Cherokee County Criminal Defense Lawyers?

The attorneys at Rollings Wood & Pace are here to help you. We not only have the skills and experience to help protect your rights, freedoms, and future. You can trust our firm with your case because:

  • We prioritize client satisfaction. Because client satisfaction is among our top priorities, we always make ourselves available to clients and offer individualized solutions and defenses.
  • We treat our clients like family. At our firm, our clients are more than just a number, and as a family-oriented firm, we treat our clients like family. When you retain our services, we will take the time to get to know you to better understand how to build your case and tell your story.
  • We have a proven track record of success. Review our case results to see how we pursue results for our clients.
  • We are trusted and respected. Our Cherokee Country attorneys are known, trusted, and respected by our community and past clients alike—you can read our reviews yourself.
  • We are results-driven. We will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible case results as we are committed to obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling an initial consultation online or via phone at (903) 408-3332.

The Opinions That Matter Most

Dedicated to the Satisfaction of Our Clients
  • I couldn’t be happier with the work of Mr. Brian and the rest of his team.

    “I recently had an event go down that could’ve put my life on stand-by and possibly pulled me away from my home state. I asked a man who was the best lawyer in the area and he said “Kelly Pace. They’ll ...”

    - Landon Simmons
  • Would definitely recommend!

    “They are so nice and genuine in caring about helping your situation! Would definitely recommend!”

    - Hailey Jones
  • Jeff and Brian work as a team which I loved.

    “Highly recommended Attorneys. They kept me so well informed about every detail of this process, and they’re very very affordable. Jeff and Brian work as a team which I loved, and their paralegal, ...”

    - Bryanna Chapman
  • I can't put into words how grateful I am for the skill, wisdom, tenacity and heart of the attorney's at the Law Office as well as the staff.

    “I can't put into words how grateful I am for the skill, wisdom, tenacity and heart of the attorney's at the Law Office as well as the staff. Their candor, wisdom and guidance in each conversation ...”

    - Jamie Boersma

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Accessible to Our Clients

    Client satisfaction is our top priority. We are always available to assist our clients in their time of need.

  • We Truly Care for Our Clients

    We are a compassionate and family-oriented firm. We take pride in getting to know our clients and how to best tell their story.

  • Go-To Firm for Drug Crimes

    We practice in multiple facets of criminal law, however, we are known in the community as the go-to firm for Drug crimes.

  • Trusted & Respected

    Our hard-working attorneys have gained the trust and respect of those in our community and the people we have served.

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Our Case Results

  • Declined for Prosecution Driving While Intoxicated
  • Charges Reduced Driving While Intoxicated
  • Case Dismissed Felony Evading Arrest/Detention and Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Felon
  • Case Dismissed Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance
  • No Billed by Grand Jury Murder
  • No Billed by Grand Jury Murder & AADW